The company

  • 1990: Foundation of the company Bros. Stehling oHG by Andreas and Dietmar Stehling.
    Offer: Of year and used car as well as car hire

  • 1992: Specialization on EU-new car or Re-import vehicles

  • 1993: New company headquarters in that Neuköllner Straße 234 in D-12357 Berlin with big EU-Neuwagen-and annual car-sales exhibit.

  • 1995: Connection in the Internet and the euro-car stock exchange.

  • 1998: Access to more than 70,000 vehicles about national and international new stock exchanges and used car stock exchanges.

  • 2000: Re-opening office city in that Charlottenbrunner Straße

  • 2001: Sales also to retailer

  • 2003: Trade with classical cars

  • 2005: Re-opening of the office in the "Classic Remise" in Wiebestrasse 36-37

In the southeast of Berlin the company disposes of an attractive sales area with numerous offers of new car and annual car.